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Are you ready – Spring and Summer

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When the heat wave hits, you want to make sure your Air Conditioning System is in top working condition as breakdowns when the thermostat in your home keeps rising right along with the temperature outside isn’t the most comfortable or pleasant of experiences. The good news is this can be avoided with some basic, regular maintenance and hints….

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  • Clean up around your outdoor condenser unit; remove any leaves, twigs or other debris
  • With the power turned off, you can spray down the condenser unit with your garden hose to remove any dust, etc.

These two steps can be done a couple times during the summer, keeping the air flow running smoothly.

Some other things to look at…

Check your furnace filter!! As the Air Conditioning System requires your furnace to circulate the air throughout your home, a clogged filter will cut down on both efficiency and air flow. This not only makes your AC work harder than it needs to, but will affect your power bill too.

Ceiling fans and other fans can help circulate the cool air in the higher traffic areas of your home. Having the fan blades moving in a counter-clockwise manner to move the air downwards is best.

Shades and window coverings where the sun shines in will help maintain a cooler space.

Make sure to turn your humidifier to “SUMMER” mode and turn off the water. In Saskatchewan it is usually pretty muggy climate during the summer already and having the humidifier on will only increase the cooling load needed to keep your home cool which will also again, make the Air Conditioner work that much harder.

An investment to think about…

JMP PlumbingA programmable thermostat can allow you to set the temperature to match your daily routine. This not only works well for heating your home in the winter, but in the summertime, your Air Conditioner doesn’t have to work all day when you aren’t at home, again, saving energy and money during this time of the year. The programmable thermostat can be set to turn the AC off at night also, when it typically isn’t as hot.

Regular Maintenance by yourself is important to keep your Air Conditioner System lifespan at it’s maximum potential, but don’t forget to also have it professionally maintained.

Air Conditioning Systems are complex pieces of equipment in maintaining your homes’ optimum level of comfort and not all warning signs of a problem will present themselves (for example- line crack or refrigerant leak), until a bigger problem has occurred. An annual maintenance visit can save you a lot of money in repairs or the need for a full out replacement in the long run.

We can help!!

If you are considering looking at a programmable thermostat or it really is time to have a throughout maintenance visit for your Air Conditioning System, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Gas BBQ's and Deck Heaters

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It's time to get your grill on! How many times have you run out of propane while taking part in the art of the Barbeque? How awesome would it be to never have your barbeque run out of "gas" right in the middle of cooking again!

Step up your outdoor entertaining with a natural gas line installation and gas Barbeque and you will find yourself grilling in the great outdoors a great deal more this summer when all you have to do is press the button with ease and viola, you're cookin'!

Additionally, a natural gas line to your new deck heater will take the chill off the fall evenings and allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space just that little bit longer in complete comfort. Still back, relax and enjoy!